Strategic implications of trends on business organisations

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The Impact of Trends on Business

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Value network

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The way businesses buy from and sell to each other is changing. While some trends were emerging before the recession, the downturn has accelerated their adoption to create a very different business-to.

ERRATUM. In the section below headed 'Porter's Strategic Theory', in the headings for Exhibits 4 and 5, the 'value chain' concept is attributed to Porter (). 6 2. Objective and purpose The report is intended to inform science policy in developing countries and to complement the extant available analyses of innovation-financing instruments with.

Announcements. The latest version of the Global Strategic Trends: The future starts today is now available. Research partnership visits Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)the latest.

We believe in sharing our expertise and experience in resilience. Below is a list of papers, reports, book chapters, theses, and other articles we have published exploring a range of research areas to help build our knowledge base of resilience.

The more we know, the better we can help you obtain the best business outcomes from your employee benefits. So every day, you’ll find Aon analysts elbows-deep in data, refining our understanding of what works, how, and why.

In particular, we collate and interpret the results of employee benefits.

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