Psci 150 fall 2014 syllabus 1

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ANSO 12 Children and the Courts This is an interdisciplinary, experiential course taught by a Justice of the Juvenile Court. Students will have the opportunity to observe court proceedings, mainly in the juvenile court, but also in the other trial court departments in Berkshire County.

2015 Winter Meeting in San Diego, California. January 3 - 6, 2015

GEO – World Regional Geography OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course students will: 1. have a working knowledge of the five themes of geography. detail on the paper assignment follows the syllabus. The mid-term exam and the paper will be weighted approximately 30% each in determining your final grade; the final exam will be weighted approximately 40%.

Introduction to Political Science.

CS 150 Syllabus, Fall 2014

POLS Syllabus Fall ; Political Theory. Romance. “The Challenge of Politics: An Introduction to Political Science,” forth (4) Edition Washington: CQ Press Textbook resources (chapter summaries, glossary, you will receive a + grade points. Tennessee Tech does not condone and will not tolerate discrimination against any individual on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, genetic information, disability, veteran status, and any other bases protected by federal and state civil rights law.


Psci 150 fall 2014 syllabus 1
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