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‘Silicon Valley’: Gilfoyle’s full cryptocurrency PowerPoint presentation | Business Insider

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Business Insider To Wall Street Interns: Stay The F*ck Out Of The Hamptons, Bro

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Implied inflation rates, based on the Books market, are approximately 1. Barking probably ends up defaulting, they have a lot of non-financial daily debt. Kleinheinz Capital & Corriente return client money In-depth look at DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach [Bloomberg] A holiday the Absolute Return hedge fund awards [HF Intelligence] Lunch with Warren Buffett [New Yorker] Gene Munster's Apple presentation at Ignition [Business Insider] Posted by market folly at PM.

Labels: links, what. Gilfoyle gives a presentation to argue that the startup should raise money using an initial coin offering instead of a series B round from a venture-capital firm.

Gundlach's 'free money' trade is already paying off

HBO gave Business Insider Gilfoyle’s whole PowerPoint presentation, which is both useful and hilarious. Gundlach took a hatchet to nearly everything in his presentation.

He called negative interest rates an "optical illusion", said the Fed's desire to raise rates makes no sense and is hurting growth, and went after every major presidential candidate (regardless of whether they are still in the race) for their poor policies.

FILE PHOTO: Traders react on the last bell at the flooring of the NYSE in New York Thomson Reuters Welcome to Finance Insider, Business Insider’s abstract of the highest tales of the previous 24 hours. LIVE: Jeff Gundlach's big presentation on markets and the economy. More From Business Insider.

Money. Trump Asks SEC to Study Six-Month Earnings Reporting. The jobs report was bad. Last Friday, the week's big headline event was a stinker, with the May jobs report showing the US economy added just 38, jobs in the year's fifth month, way less than expected.

The BLS noted in its report that a negative impact of 34, jobs was felt by the Verizon strike that was in place during the reference week for the report, but even adding these numbers.

Gundlach presentation business insider money
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